• Chelsea Leigh

"I'm Possible": A Poem Written by my 17 Year Old Self

Tired of all the cries that have drowned this Childs eyes

Smothered in pain, being ashamed

Of a life that has gone insane

A whirlwind catastrophe

The loss of hospitality

Floating away; higher and higher

Trying to defy gravity

Lost up in the skies, she wants to stand her ground

Its where she once stood, but the tread is just too warn down

Slipping fast like a recession

She's suffering from depression

The light in her eyes fades

From this reoccurring possession

Its an obsession

Infatuation with a number

Thats taken away her strength

& left it there to slumber

& her feelings so numb

except for her constant hunger

The lighter she gets, the higher she gets

But the less theres left inside

She's trying so hard

Though this secret she cannot hide

Its something so redundant

With loss, tears come in abundance

She tries but hasn't done it

In time she's gonna shun it

But what goes up, must come back down

If she falls too fast, she'll hit the ground

Hope for a landing safe & sound

A saddened life to flip around

Wish for bliss;

Happiness so genuine

You cannot question its existance

& this consumptions certaintly stoppable

Though its something to be missed

Because nothing in the world is impossible

The angel whispers "I'm Possible."

-Chelsea Leigh


©2019 by C to Shining Sea