1:1 Coaching

I work with women who are ready to break free from thought patterns, habits, and behaviors that hold them back from their highest potential.

This program is for you if...

- You find yourself walking in the darkness of a self destructive path
-You struggle to feel like you are enough
-You struggle to love yourself
-You have trouble slowing down & perhaps depend on stimulant energy to get through the day
-You want to cultivate a connection to spirituality
-You are a people-pleaser
-You are doing work that does not align with your purpose
-You don't know what your purpose is and want to receive clarity on it
-You have trouble maintaining friendships
-Your circle of friends no longer aligns with you
-You struggle to connect with other women & see them as competition
-You have experienced or are currently caught up in a toxic relationship 
-You want to stop binge eating or restricting
-You have an unhealthy relationship to food
-You have an unhealthy relationship to your body & believe your weight defines your worth
-You are drinking alcohol to overcome social anxiety or to numb out your emotions
-You want to stop drinking alcohol but that feels so far out of your reach
-You are lacking daily structure; morning & evening routine
-You want to live a simpler, happier, life
-You struggle to speak your truth and to set boundaries
-You struggle with a scarcity mindset and are ready to manifest abundance
-You want to dive deeper, or cultivate a movement & meditation practice
-You are ready to experience freedom from within and cultivate the life you came here to live by claiming your beautiful wings!


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